Fields of activity

Complex moulds, precise shapes

  • Single- and multi-component moulds for plastic, metallic and ceramic processing
  • Cavities with filigree and geometrical sophisticated structures
  • Moulds with high-gloss polish
  • Accurate embossing punches, punching tools and electrodes


The best is just enough.

The quality of the mould detemines the quality of the manufactured products. This knowledge encourages us to deliver high-accurate tools and moulds, perfect based on your applications. So you will be able to produce anytime dimensionally stable and durable functionable workpieces.

Finest structures.

Thanks to decades of experiences in engraving technology you can expect moulds and workpieces with high-accurate structures. Our state-of-the-art machinery can realise tolerances of 2 m. About surface quality, moulds and workpieces from Leonhardt can meet highest requitements.

For ceramic mould injection, too.

With increasingly miniaturising more often ceramic high-performance materials take place. There high shrinkage rate during sintering puts high and unknown requirements on mouldmakers. During the last 5 decades we have gathered a substantial treasure trove of experience and allows us to produce precise moulds for ceramic injection molding.