Fields of activity

Precision in focus

  • 4-axis lasering
  • Lasering with demoulding angles
  • Aspect ratio 1 : 2,9
  • 3D laser engraving
  • Laser cladding welding
  • High gloss polishing


Focused light as productive tool.

Processing with a pulsed laser beam permits very high precisions for demolish material layer by layer. Corners in a roundness of less than 50 m are feasible.

When others reach their limits.

Lasering makes sense where processing with conventional degrading methods comes to its limits. Especially very hard, insulating or temperature resistant materials, such as hastelloy, wolfram and aluminium oxide we bring in shape rapidly with laser technology.

For repair tasks.

Repair of worn out or damaged tools will be done with laser cladding, as well as subsequent rework and polishing.