Fields of activity

Elaborate and skilful engraving

  • Support during product development
  • Approach dimensions for electrodes
  • Embossing clichés of every type
  • Engraving on common clamping systems
  • 4-axis milling and engraving on cylinders
  • High-quality manual work, e.g. punching
  • Component size: 500 x 400 x 200 mm


Manual or CNC engraving.

We accept your data in all current formats and create with it font and symbol electrodes or even three dimensional form engravings on irregular surfaces. You can receive approach dimensions for adoption on the EDM machine on demand.

Even the most ambitious is being carried out promptly.

Engraving in the 3D dimension or engraving electrodes in the micro dimension – we do this every day. Whether in the technical or the artistic area – we process workpieces with CNC engraving machines and top notch scanners.

Treasures in gold.

The embossing-tools for the cover of the "Goldbible" were produced by our specialists with aid of original illustrations; then the contours were traditionally engraved on gypsum models. The generations of data took place through the use of laser scanners and was then implemented into the embossing plates through the use of CNC technology.
A creation unique in the world today.