Fields of activity

Brilliant polishing

  • Deposition welding with laser and strong surface finish
  • CNC-polish up to Ra = 0.1 m
  • Spark EDM up to Ra = 0.05 m
  • Surface finishing up to high gloss Ra = 0.02 m for print- and injection molding moulds
  • On request: on site service
  • Component weight up to 500 kg


Strong surface finish.

Thanks to excellently prefabricated surfaces the effort of polishing optical components declines drastically. We achieve surface qualities of Ra = 0.05 with an accuracy of 2 m. Even optical lenses and reflectors so can be produced reliably.

Manual precision work.

For special shapes, manual polishing is still required. Our specially trained employees achieve high-gloss even in hard-to-reach places. We adjust our working methods depending on the nature of the surface as well as the composition of the alloying ingredients of the materials to be polished.