Fields of activity

Our classic - efficient EDM

  • Wire-cut EDM also in 3D
  • Wire diameter of 250, 100, 70, 50 and 20 m
  • Spark EDM with Ra < 0.1 m
  • Precision up to 2 m
  • Short delivery times
  • Pick up and delivery service on demand


Wire-cut EDM with minimum tolerances.

With wire-cut EDM you may expect highest precision. As necessary we generate precision up to 2 m. Further we have unlimited possibilities in the 3D area thanks to our CAD/CAM programming systems.

Filigree shapes by die-sink EDM.

Die-sink EDM brings even hardened steel into the desired shape. Filigree contours included: With a precision of 2 m we erode corner radii of 5 m. Surface qualities of Ra < 0.5 m are standard to us.