Fields of activity

Precision ceramic parts by EDM

  • Wire cutting of high-performance ceramics in the oil bath
  • Unique mechanical, thermal and tribological property profile
  • Filigree precision parts with tight tolerances
  • Suitable for highly stressed parts and protective mould inserts


EDM of high-performance ceramics.

In cooperation with our sibling company Leroxid®, we produce semi-finished products and functional parts for you made of the conductive high-performance ceramic Dimacer®. The material is based on an aluminium oxide matrix, tiny titanium carbide particles ensure electrical conductivity. Dimacer® is characterised by a high degreee of hardness, good mechanical strength an fracture toughness. Thanks to decades of experience in ceramics processing, we are able to guarantee functional parts made with reproducible precision here, too.

Protecting cavities.

Dimacer® is excellent for protective inserts in injection moulds for processing abrasive materials such as fibreglass-reinforced polymers. Here, the high-performance ceramic ensures a much extended service life, with significant reductions in maintenance work or alternative investments.

Long-lasting functionality.

Component miniaturisation means that acting loads are concentrated on much smaller areas. Conventional materials quickly reach their limits here. Dimacer® comes into its own where lasting reliability is required or where powerful frictional forces are at work, for example in watches or other items involving precision mechanics. The material is resistant to aggressive media as well as the very high temperatures when used in the aerospace industry.