Fields of activity

Quality check close to series

  • Proof of the serial maturity of our molds and cavities under production conditions
  • Simple function tests
  • Full-run checks
  • Check-up of customer molds


Quality check under production conditions.

Our pilot plant has three injection molding machines with different clamping forces, which are equipped with interfaces for core pullers and hot runners, as well as a large number of peripheral systems (temperature control units, conveyor belts, handling systems) and an automatic material supply. This variable equipment allows us to reproduce your later production conditions.

Demonstrate and document quality.

In our fully air-conditioned injection molding laboratory, we thoroughly test all of the molds and tools we manufacture and only deliver them when their series maturity has been proven and documented. This guarantees a smooth start of production.

Precise and reliable.

We are also happy to carry out customizations on your behalf. Simple functional tests, for example after a repair, are planned and implemented with the same meticulousness as multi-day full-run checks with 100% control. Precision and reliability are also a matter of course for us.