Fields of activity

Precise finishing

  • Class-A surfaces
  • Miniature drilling
  • 5-axles ultrasonic processing with diamant tools
  • Ultra-sonic machining spindle with 17 500 up to 48 000 rpm


The final touch.

5-axis ultra-sonic machining with diamond tools is for workpieces a significant gently grind and drilling process. In the ultra-sonic spindle, vibrations are generated, with pulsations between 17 500 and 48 000 rpm. This process reduces significant mechanical forces and termical stress within the workpiece.

Even the hardest material submits.

Even nonferrous metals, highly hard steel alloys or carbide, glass, corundum, ceramic or sapphire, metal composites or other composites: With the finishing ultra-sonic machinery we provide your workpiece with drillings < 0.5 mm and highest surface qualities of Ra < 0.2 m.

Range of materials.

Metallic materials


Silizium, Germanium



High-performance ceramics