Fields of activity

Perfect milling in high speed

  • HSC-simultaneous milling of freeform surfaces
  • High-speed cutting (HSC) with up to 40 000 rpm
  • Hard milling up to 65 HRC
  • High-speed milling with 20 m ball cutters
  • Conventional copy milling up to 1:10 and enlargements up to 3:1
  • Excellent surface qualities
  • Component size: 650 x 600 x 500 mm


Milling as core competency.

The HSC simultaneous milling allows rational milling of free formed surfaces as well as hardmilling of steel materials in highest precision. With HSC-cutting we reach surface qualities, which meet supreme requirements. This reduces substantial surface machining or avoid it. For instance manual polish steps by manufacturing of electrodes for EDM or downstream manual polishsteps can be omitted.

Wide range of machinery.

Our machinery provides ideal prerequisites for work pieces with dimension of up to 650 x 600 x 500 mm through the use of the proven 3-axis CNC milling machine all the way to the use of the 5-axis simultaneous milling machinery. Automated processes increase time and cost efficiency.
And that is what you can trust: Leonhardt delivers excellent surfaces.