From engraver to full-service provider

April 1, 1960: Sitting at the kitchen table today's senior proprietor Günter Leonhardt decides to set up the company a surface area of 12 m² for production. These facilities are extended to 45 m² as early on as 1963. Leonhardt moves into an entirely new dimension in 1965 with its first complete injection mould tool for model railways. In 1970 a new facility is built at Mozartstraße 24, with a surface area of 335 m². At this time the Leonhardt has a workforce of nine people. In the same year the first injection tool is produced for high-performance ceramics. The company moves into the area of CNC milling with 4-axis technology in 1987.
Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Leonhardt takes over the company in 1992 and it becomes one of the first engraving specialists in Germany to be certified according to DIN ISO 9001 in 1996. From 1999 the family enterprise moves into 5-axis simultaneous milling, taking over the company JATT with a workforce of eight from 1998 to 2000 and from this point onwards develops and produces model railways. Leonhardt once again sets the benchmark in 2003, this time in machining without cutting when it introduces 3D laser technology – a new development at the time. In connection with the unique Golden Bible project the company adopts the technique of ultrasonic machining in 2005. Leonhardt wins bronze in the EuroMold Award in 2006. In 2008 Leonhardt takes up microprocessing in the area of electrical discharge machining, including EDM polishing and wire-cut EDM with wire diameters of up to 0.02 mm. The company's innovative strength is officially recognised for the first time in 2009, when it is awarded the TOP 100 seal of quality. In 2010 the proprietor and workforce proudly look back on their eventful 50-year history. Sibling company Leroxid® is founded in 2011 and Leonhardt receives the EuroMold Award in gold for wear-resistant mould inserts made of the EDM-machinable high-performance ceramic Dimacer ®. In 2012 production space at the main premises is expanded by 140 m². The company’s trade fair newsletter and the Dimacer ® information film win an SPE Automotive Award in 2015. Acquiring DIN ISO 9100 certification in 2016 Leonhardt becomes a partner to the aerospace industry; for the fourth time it is named one of the hundred TOP innovative SMEs in Germany. In 2018, the injection molding pilot plant will officially go into operation and the company will be honored as the top 100 innovator for the fifth time.